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John Voelpel has been appointed to act as the umpire in over 1400 appraisals.   In addition to being appointed by the appraisers, he has been appointed by judges in both Federal and State Courts.   The property damage has ranged from a few thousand dollars to tens of millions of dollars.   These appraisals have been conducted in both formal and informal manners.   He has acted as an umpire predominantly in Florida, but also in Alabama, Colorado, Georgia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, South Carolina, North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Texas.   He has also been certified to act as an umpire in Puerto Rico.

John Voelpel has been a member of the Umpire Committee since it was formed by the Windstorm Insurance Network (WIND) in 2003.   He has been a faculty member on all WIND Certified UmpireĀ® and WIND Certified AppraiserĀ® classes offered by WIND since its inception.   Mr. Voelpel drafted the Umpire Code of Ethics previously used by WIND.   He also chaired the committee that drafted the original Appraiser Code of Ethics utilized by WIND in their Appraiser and Umpire Certification programs. 

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