Trial Attendance / Jury Analysis

Clients have indicated an increased need for experience, in person, trial monitoring and have retained Voelpel Claim Service, Inc. (VCS).   The risks inherent in the trial process have grown significantly. The need to have effective monitoring and reporting of developments during trial has never been more acute.   VCS understands the trial process and can provide real time feedback to the client on issues as varied as Motions in Limine, jury reactions, judge’s demeanor ant the ebb and flow of strategic arguments.   VCS can provide the carrier with what they need and when they need it. VCS has developed a system to provide defense counsel with real time assistance during Jury Selection.  Jury questionnaires are not always accurate.   VCS has the technology to assist to provide information in the courtroom, not only assisting with jury selection, but also a more complete view of the jurors selected.

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