Special Services

In addition to unique and professional claims handling, we offer a variety of specialized services to our clients. They include:

Expert Witness – VCS can provide both consulting and trial witness expert services in Insurance Coverage, Bad Faith claims handling, Claim Value analysis and Property Damage analysis.

Targeting Training – VCS has the ability to develop tailored training to suit specific needs.   These include, but are not limited to, Effective Negotiations, fact-based exposure analysis, initial and/or advanced training in anatomy and bodily injury.

Customized Audit – VCS has been requested by several claims departments to perform audits on their offices and/or staff to ensure compliance with company, corporate, State and good claims practices.

Social Media Research - Now more than ever, information is available which provides a wider perspective on any given individual presenting a claim.   As such, VCS is now able to provide a deep dive into the digital background of any particular claimant.   The true benefit of this is to give an understanding as to the individual involved.   Social media is a very pervasive element in our society and has now found its way into the claims environment.   Background information includes prior lawsuits, criminal background, professional licensing, and a myriad of other sources of social media information. Some attorneys are now using this service as part of their initial file set up.

Professional Services

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Special Services