Voelpel Claim Service, Inc.

With our vast amount of experience we can handle virtually any kind of claim.

Voelpel Claim Service, Inc. (VCS) is an all-lines independent insurance adjusting service founded by John Voelpel and Teresa Thomas in 1998.   VCS began in John’s home. Over two decades later, VCS has flourished into the company existing today.   Some describe VCS as a “boutique” independent claims firm.  

With our vast amount of experience, VCS can handle virtually any type of claim, including skilled and knowledgeable claims investigation, experienced trial and mediation attendance, Umpire in appraisals, as well as other services.

Our dedication to education keeps us on the cutting edge of issues involving coverage, case law and damages.   This combination of experience and knowledge allows us to provide a product for our clients which will allow them to adjust and settle their claims fairly.

Every assignment made to VCS will be handled by a member of our staff.   We do not use subcontractors or 1099 personnel.   Our clients and employees are protected by a full array of insurance, including Workers Compensation, General Liability and Errors and Omission coverage.

The Appraisal Process: Resolution of Disputed Insurance Claims by John A. Voelpel, III

This book is written for the insurance claims professional who desires a deeper understanding of the appraisal process. Beginning with the history of appraisal, it carries the reader throughout the entire appraisal process, including the execution of an Award. Various documents are provided within the appendix to aid in becoming a properly equipped Appraiser or Umpire.

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